Douro Wines - Quinta de Vila Maior & Casa da Palmeira Wines

Modern oenology, directed by the renowned oenologist Álvaro van Zeller, has a good test and application field in Manuel J. Pinto's wines, being innovation a constant. The concept underlying all nectars of this house is the production of great wines, i.e., wines agreed to have organoleptic properties really present accurate conditions for a long and good ageing.

The brands produced by Manuel J. Pinto are Casa da Palmeira and Quinta de Vila Maior. Despite being targeted to different markets and having different consumption patterns, those wines respond to the middle and long-term strategies jointly outlined by the brand owners and the technical team.

Production Process

Traditional grape treading in the Quinta de Vila Maior All the infrastructures concerning wine production and vineyard tasks are installed in the Quinta de Vila Maior. The outline of the buildings show an ancient style, that is why the restoration tried to conserve old times' charm together with modern times' required functionality. The restoration also extended to the stores located in the village of Foz do Sabor, locally known as the Casa da Palmeira (=The Palm House). The wine cellar is provided with granite wineries for grape treading, equipped with a grape-must circulation system by a cold process just before fermentation. Later it will fall down because of gravity into stainless three-phase tanks - they are unique in Portugal -, where both the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations occur at a controlled temperature. The stage in barrels will take place in an adjoining warehouse.

Some samples of Manuel Joaquim Pinto's will to get first-quality wines are a renewed wine cellar, equipped with a cutting-edge, functional grape selection system and a cold process system to control fermentation in 8,500 litre tanks (with the same capacity as granite wineries).

The aim of this wine cellar is to reach a perfect and harmonic link between History, Tradition and Modern Technologies.

Traditional "lagaradas" (grape treading processes) preceding the transport of must into the fermentation tanks are the most important moment of the wine-making process of the Tintos da Casa (=house red wines).

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