Pessoa's Friends

Casa da Palmeira DOC Douro Tinto Reserva 2008 In the centre of Vienna, in the embassy district, two Portuguese men have opened a bar where they serve Douro wine, cream cakes and the city's 'best bifanas (=breaded pork steak sandwich)'. Plácido Domingo was there; he sang and praised the meal.

Text by José Cabrita Saraiva
Photographies by Paulo Vaz Henriques
Published on Revista Sol, on 27/04/2012


The highpoint of the Lounge came by the end of 2010. «One day we got a call from the Spanish embassy to ask us to reserve a table», tells Hugo. Whose name is the reservation made under? «Plácido Domingo. He came up with four friends. They drank Casa da Palmeira Douro red wine and ate bifanas and ham and cheese tapas.
He sang one more song, let himself be photographed and, in the end, he praised the meal. «I love Portuguese wine, and the tapas were delicious.»


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